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“…vindicta perfidiam vindicarint innocens — revenge treachery, vindicate innocence.”

The above quote is the motto of the mysterious secret organization that Luke Cassine, the main character of Perfidy, belongs to. Recently retired and living in a pastoral corner of France on a farm, he has the very intriguing background of being a troubleshooter and U.S. Army CID investigator. Luke’s quiet life is disturbed once again when he is asked to do a favor for his old friend and a former commander, now the successful defense attorney, Ray Mattock. This time Luke is protecting Katherine Novak who is accused in the murder of her husband. He promptly realizes that the story goes far beyond a simple homicide. The case is about a top-secret project that involves high ranking U.S. politicians and military personnel. Luke gets revenge against numerous treacherous deeds while discovering who is behind the murder spree. The events are happening in America and Europe, but A.J. Ragland skillfully leads you back and forth, across thrilling actions on the two continents. A lot of shooting adds to the excitement and a slight pinch of irony enhances the book’s charm.

Despite having an intricate and captivating storyline Perfidy is an easy to read page-turner that will keep your attention to the very end. Readers will be eager to learn what comes next and will find it difficult to put this book aside without finishing it first. Although it may be possible to guess the connection between events in 1999 and in the current happenings, the people involved in this case discover this fact by chance, practically in the end of the story. Undoubtedly, this realization has defined the protagonists’ fate. This story, about the secret project called Looking Glass, has great potential, and would most likely look great on the big screen should some enterprising screenwriter be interested in taking the plunge.

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