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After 55 years of marriage, Harriet Chance finds herself very alone after her husband’s death. The chapters move around in past and present as Harriet explores what she remembers of her life. Evison adeptly forces the reader to explore his or her own mortality through Harriet. Are things what they seem? Do I remember the details correctly? How could I have done it differently? These are the questions Harriet (and the reader) will explore as they follow Harriet trying to figure out her life after the death of someone she thought she knew. Harriet is scattered and frantic and really does not have a great relationship with her kids. Her son seems the favored one, from her daughter’s perspective. As Harriet explores the past, finds out some new information, as well as, reveals her own mistakes, the book takes on a life of its own.

Readers will learn to love Harriet, as flawed as she might be. Evison is a talented writer that is capable of making the reader think beyond the book with his candid character conversations and dialogues and his thought-provoking subject matter. Through humor and seriousness, Evison will almost force the reader to consume this book in one sitting!

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