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Typewriter: The History, the Machines, the Writers, by Tony Allan, is a small, 96-page book which provides an enjoyable, informative read about the typewriter. Topics include the first efforts at the development of the typewriter, different versions of typewriters that were created, and the machine’s rapid refinement into an extremely useful tool for the transmission of information much-needed during the industrial revolution. There are many interesting facts about its use and association with several generations and eras.

Although the typewriter has since been replaced by the computer/printer/Internet, there is some revival of it for nostalgia and also security reasons. While the book is not an extensive history and documentation of the typewriter, it is a fast and pleasant read and could be a nice gift to the historically minded or the book enthusiast as a memento of the era of the typewriter, as well as an introduction to those whose fingertips have never met the keys of a mechanical or even the electrical typewriter.

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