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Bear is seeking a new home. In his exploration of fellow creatures’ habitats, he finds a bird’s nest too high and a mole’s den too stuffy. In fact, none of the animals’ homes are right for Bear – they are too hot, too deep, too cold, too rainy, or too muddy. What’s a bear to do?

With a satisfying ending, young readers will learn about the “just right” habitat for Bear as well as those of Earth’s other animals. Lovely illustrations utilize mixed media and pen. Bear’s coat is a mottled brown with shades of green, tan, and dark brown. Tree bark shows striations and texturing, lending a lovely complexity to the page. Young readers will laugh at Bear’s inky reception from Octopus, share Bear’s nerves along Goat’s steep cliff, and understand Bear’s grumpy face as he sinks in Hippo’s mud bath. Welcome Home, Bear is a finely crafted picture book young readers will enjoy.

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