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When God speaks, do you hear Him? Do you listen or doubt the love He has for you? When He provides answers to you, do you ignore the answers trusting more in the solid before you versus the faith it takes to have a true relationship with God? Dr. Rob Oberto writes a fascinating spiritual discovery in his book Intimacy with God: One Man’s Journey which discoloses the events which are all too common for many people who ignore the voice of God. Dr. Oberto however learned to trust that voice, and developed incredible opportunities within his life for a spectacular relationship with God.

In a pivotal point within the book, Dr. Oberto describes a scene in which he truly lets go and asks a close friend “why did Christ have to die?” Exposing the question in a completely raw moment, begging to understand the value we as humans have to an almighty being who sacrificed so much for us, who are so undeserving by comparison. A beautifully crafted book to which anyone seeking a deeper, more personal relationship with God themselves can relate. Intimacy with God: One Man’s Journey is written in plain language allowing novice or theologian the ability to relate to Dr. Oberto on a personal level, and will ask them to connect to the experiences, reflecting on the moments each of us have in our own lives when God speaks to us – asking us each to face the question “Are we listening?

Intimacy with God: One Man’s Journey is well written, insightful, and genuine. Dr. Oberto relates to those who view the world of church as full of religious zealots and those who are believers and yet still trying to understand what accepting Jesus as Our Savior truly means within this life. Faith requires believing in what you feel versus see, yet Intimacy with God: One Man’s Journey bridges the connection to explain how moments in our lives are tangible moments we do see, if we have the faith and courage to truly look.

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