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Las Vegas Insider’s Guide: Save Money, Keep Safe, Operate and Survive in Sin City is an excellent guide to Sin City. It is published both as eBook and trade paperback but Titus Nelson targeted the book to the digital readers. We find over six hundred web links but in the print edition they are simply underlined with reference to an appendix where links are written out. Obviously this is a huge disadvantage to print readers, as they need to carefully type the long unfriendly addresses without errors into their smart phones or laptop before they are useable.

The emphasis in the book is on the adult sex trade. There is absolutely everything in this book you need to know about Las Vegas even prices for “adult services” (from $200 to $10,000 per hour) and a few links checked are up to date. The print edition looks unprofessional with many underlined words and phrases (mostly URL links) and bold words. The author did not clean these up from the eBook edition.

Nelson missed nothing: we find information on underworld Las Vegas, how to get temporary email addresses and phones, the best high-end restaurants, useful appendixes, and so on. This is more for high-end tourists than bargain hunters. Get the eBook instead of the print version.

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