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A young Amish teenager finds himself wound tightly within family values of his religious community, and at odds with his father who is the Deacon. The father has been verbally and physically abusing his son, in the family barn, to atone for his own failures in life. A crisis arises during an altercation between the two. A candle is knocked over and a fire quickly spreads. Feeling he will be beaten and blamed for this incident, the boy runs away.

Tired, scared, and suffering from burn injuries, the boy runs for days nursing his injuries across rough terrain. Days later, he is befriended by an older lady who helps him to heal at least the physical wounds. As the days turn into months and then years, this young boy finds himself traveling across America as he grows into a young man. His adventures lead him to join up with a wagon train of people heading towards California to be part of the Gold Rush. Throughout this long journey, he still finds himself weighed down with fear and guilt about his father. His thoughts often ponder the fate of his mother and siblings, and he wonders if he should ever return home….

This is the second historical fiction novel written by E.B. Moore. Like the first novel, this one is about Amish values. This powerful story pulls and tugs at your heart, inspiring readers to take a look at their own family values. It was an easy read with rich and colorful characters that will stay in the reader’s mind – a very good read!

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