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The Mammoth Book of Skulls edited by Ilya, is a large art book collection that displays many colorful pictures of artwork from many different artists, with a description of why each artist decided to incorporate skulls into his or her artwork. With the movement of artwork becoming more prevalent on objects other then sculpture or canvas and the access to the ability to see these forms of artwork around the world has created a large obsession with the figure of skulls.

The author interviews each artist and gives a brief description on what motivated the artist to create and incorporate skulls into their artwork. Artwork ranges everywhere from surrealist, cultural shrine sculptures, and impressionism all the way to political based, graffiti art and photography. Printed on thick glossed paper, the colors of the artwork presented pop to life right off the pages. This is a great coffee table book to have as a conversation piece.

While this book is a great thick book, the cover is only a folder thick paper, making this book vulnerable to bending and early wear and tear. The information presented in the book is lopsided. While some sections seem filled with well-researched information of the art and artists, others have very little on the artwork. Much of the writings are quotes from the artists themselves or just basic information of the artist and their studies. But every page is filled to the brim with photographs of the artwork so not one page is completely dedicated to overwhelming you with the written word.

Overall the book The Mammoth Book of Skulls is a fantastic art book filled with beautiful exotic pictures of skull art of every medium. While the information from the artist and explanation of meanings behind the artwork are limited, the dedication to present you some vibrant pictures makes up for it. This book is a great coffee table book to discuss with friends and family who are into the artwork of skulls.

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