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Robyn Carr’s latest novel, What We Find, takes place in Colorado, where renowned neurosurgeon Maggie Sullivan has had her world in Denver upended after a high-risk trauma surgery leaves her with a dead teenager on the table and a malpractice suit pending. Her longtime boyfriend also has decided she’s too much to handle after she miscarries their child. On the verge of a breakdown, Maggie leaves the urban scene for the wilderness of her childhood, where her father oversees a campground along the Continental Divide. She only means to stay a week, but her father’s sudden heart attack and the attentions of a mysterious camper causes Maggie to reconsider her priorities.

As a romance novel, this one is mature and more leisurely than some in the genre. For one thing, the main characters, Maggie and Cal, are older, have had loves and losses, and while some dramatic events occur, it’s not the angst of their getting together that drives the novel. While it can be a slow moving read in places, and at times predictable, Carr manages to involve the reader in her story and it’s characters that keep the interest, holding on to readers with an iron grip through the pages. While the title is not overly descriptive or particularly memorable, what readers will find here is a sedate novel that leaves them feeling good about the world, and optimistic about what the future holds for these characters.

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