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This is the real life story of Cynthia Moss, who fell in love with Elephants so much that she moved to Africa. It all started when she was little, riding horses and falling in love with Nature. Then as she grew older she heard the siren’s call of Africa and went to visit. She fell in love with Africa and the elephants so much that she found a job and made her home in the Amboseli National Park, where she started the Amboseli Elephant Research Project. She set about learning as much as she could about elephants and she worked to protect them, campaigning against the ivory trade.

This book is as much a tribute to Cynthia Moss as it is to elephants. The writing takes us all the way through Moss’ life and how she came to dedicate herself completely to the elephants. There is enough information to appease any budding, elephant enthusiast. The illustrations are beautiful, depicting the elephants in their natural habitat. There is even a tasteful depiction of the poaching and the ivory trade. The last couple of pages have an extended biography of Cynthia Moss, along with further reading suggestions and sources.

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