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You haven’t spoken to your best friend in four years and neither of you speak of “the event.” Now, as you are applying to college, your mother and her mother unbelievably ask you to escort her during the coming weekend world premiere of the long awaited movie in which she stars. Why? Because you are organized, meticulous, proper, and follow the rules. She, on the other hand, is carefree, impetuous, wild, and one for anarchy. During this time you work hard and survive activities and actions you have never imagined as you strive for a successful conclusion of this weekend whirlwind.

This is a book about two 17 year old cousins and former best friends, written by a 58 year-old male accomplished author (Paul Rudnick), and being commented on by an even older reviewer who found the story and the character interactions very, very entertaining and fun to read. The story moves quickly through the weekend and uses the interplay of the two main characters, Caitlin and Heller to generate most of the humor. Caitlin and her unique background being exposed to Heller’s world helps to create additional humor. The only slow portions of the story are the times spent creating the background – the details of the movie. While necessary as structure for the story, the attention to detail results in significant time spent trying to understand the story within a story.

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