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The title says it all: military animals. Each page is filled with pictures and information about all the different types of animals that have been used in the military throughout history. Some of the animals the reader can guess: horses, mules, even dogs and cats, but then there are the more unusual types: dolphins, bees, sea lions, penguins, and bats. You get to meet Voytek the bear who was officially drafted into the Polish army and Sergeant Stubby, an American dog, who became the most decorated war dog during World War I.

This book is perfect for all animal lovers. With plenty of pictures, several different types of animals, and information on different conflicts through history, this book has a little something for everyone. The writing is light and easy, with lots of facts and tidbits. The book is printed by Scholastic press, and it is pretty typical of Scholastic. The book even comes with a fake dog tag, which is pretty cheap feeling, but fun for kids to play with.

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