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What do kids love more then robots and kitties? Both! Robot Kitties, the children’s book by Jim Benton is a quick story about robot kitties and their daily activities.

Appropriate for toddlers to kindergartners, this book is bright red in color to quickly capture the attention of any young child passing by. Its small size is convenient for little hands to hold. It’s a board book so those children who are still practicing their motor skills can easily turn the pages without fear of ripping them. With a gloss covering on each page it’s mostly waterproof but if water, saliva or other liquid gets in from the sides it will sustain damage depending on the length of exposure. The book seems well bound so there is no fear of the book falling apart from they typical rough handling or over usage.

The story has rhythmic, singsong wording to entertain. Children will enjoy listening to this story be told to them. This book is simple worded enough that children learning to read could use this book as a tool to help strengthen their abilities. The story line is simple and entertaining enough to keep a young child’s attention, though older children may become easily bored. There is nothing overly exciting or crazy about this story but children will like it and the parents will love the cute simplicity of the story.

The drawings in the book are simple and well thought out for the brief story. They are not too overpowered in details and the colors are basic and bright for children to recognize. Jim Benton’s Robot Kitties is a great starter book for toddlers and little children to read.

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