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The Innovative Mindset feels very private since the authors share a great deal about their personal journey in buying a business and working through its evolution. They quickly acknowledge that it is no small feat to run a business and make drastic organizational changes at the same time. There is a natural paradox between managing a business, which focuses on efficiency and profit, while innovation demands experimentation, time, and risk. But Sweeney and Imarestska did exactly that with their Brave New Workshop Comedy Theater and lived to write about it. They embraced the “mindset of discovery” and believe, “that it is the little things done well and consistently that lead to behavior change and results.”

Through improvisational performance the lessons the authors learned helped create the framework of this book. Throughout the chapters, tips and questions are asked as a guide for the reader to try in his own real-life situation. They acknowledge that fear holds people back, but challenge people to adopt a mindset of discovery. Their model embraces five big behaviors: listen, defer, declare, reframe, and jump in. Workouts, muscles to exercise and tactics to practice are included with the five big behaviors.

The story of the journey is interesting, both on a business and personal level. This reviewer appreciated the practicality of the advice and accompanying model. The authors challenge the reader to move beyond just reading their story, and ask readers to take action to truly create change. Sage advice from an easy-to-read book filled with an interesting story, solid, practical advice.

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