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A red, polka-dotted dragon will delight young readers as it devours almost everything in the kingdom. The familiar jingle and expert rhyming make for an easy-to-read cadence. When the old dragon swallows the knight, children are cued to shout out, “It’s not polite!” The dragon continues to swallow a steed, a squire, a cook, a lady, a castle, and a moat before experiencing serious bloat. Parents can engage young readers further with the entertaining illustrations. Who’s in the dragon’s stomach now? Who did the dragon salt before swallowing? There Was an Old Dragon has an appealing layout using various fonts, text placements, and a good combination of one- and two-page spreads. Look for the clever endpaper designs – different front and back. Can your child note the differences? There Was an Old Dragon Who Swallowed a Knight is a must read for fans of castles and knights for its jaunty figures, colorful pages, and engaging text.

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