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Formats: Hardcover
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The Wipe-Clean Workbook is an innovative way to engage your first grader with wipe-clean pages and practice with important topics. Letters in the alphabet are the first focus in the book and children are asked to trace and write the upper case and lower case letters. They also must find words with the letter in it. Days of the week and months of the year are next. Again, tracing the words as they learn the new concepts help children remember. Stringing letters together to form sounds is covered too. Pages are colorful, varied, and have lots of photos and drawings that reinforce the concepts that are displayed on each page. Once letters are learned, numbers are presented with simple counting and then addition and subtraction practice. The workbook ends with learning how to tell time. The back cover includes a reward chart, which makes tracking pages completed quite easy. A wipe-clean pen is included with the book.

I love this workbook, and see so many uses for parents as they guide their children into learning first grade concepts. Children will practice writing, letter sounds, reading, and numbers. Concepts of time and problem solving are also covered. Children can re-use and re-practice concepts as much as they need, which makes learning easy and fun. Concepts are presented in a variety of way so that learning never gets boring. This book is a definite winner, especially given the very reasonable price point of under ten dollars.

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