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Banished Threads is the third book in Kaylin McFarren’s Threads series. Like the previous two, it opens with a beautiful Gothic-like short poem written by the author that seems to be a quintessence of the book’s mystery. Fans of this will be excited to see the lovely treasure-hunters’ couple, Chase Cohen and Rachel Lyons, again. However, this time they aren’t after a hidden treasure. They are going to be married. Although Rachel still has some doubts and difficulties trusting Chase, they are determined to do this. Having complicated bonds and a long thorny relationship, they are in love, and Rachel is expecting Chase’s child. She thinks that a blessing from her uncle, Paul will help to remove her remaining fears and uncertainties. After a sudden death of her father, Paul’s approval is very important to her. The adventurous couple travels from San Palo, California to England in search of this blessing. As it turned out, this seemingly simple mission isn’t quite so simple.

“Your strength not only comes from yourself but from the people you allow yourself to love.”

Having an unconventional marriage arrangement himself, Paul has no intentions to approve his niece’s choice. He isn’t fond of Chase or his lifestyle. Paul, a former successful suspense writer, is now running his wealthy wife’s stylish art gallery. His ongoing preparations for an opening of a new exhibition stops when several very valuable paintings of a famous artist are stolen from the gallery. His rebellious step-granddaughter couldn’t be found either. Was she involved in the burglary? In the light of these and other events, Paul’s sudden heart attack seems so natural. Chase stands up to the challenge of resolving the mystery. On the way, he discovers some well-hidden Lyons’ family secrets. Will they help him in gaining the Paul’s blessing and Rachel’s trust?

The book’s characters are realistic and believable and the erotic scenes organically tangle in with the rest of the story. While guessing about who is behind all the troubles you’ll enjoy following the romantic side of this mystery, as well. Some loose ends indicate that other Chase and Rachel’s adventures may appear in the future.

Interview with Kaylin McFarren

Q. Your book opens with a beautiful mysterious poem written by you. Can you tell us what kind of writing do you enjoy more: poetry or prose? and what comes first in your writing process?

A. I truly love writing prose, but poetry was my first love while attending college and I find it fun to tap into my rhyming ability while introducing a new story.

Q. One of the novel’s characters, Paul Lyons, is similar to you, an acclaimed suspense writer and art gallery director. There is no claim about any autobiographical parallels, but how fictional are your heroes? Where does your inspiration and characters come from?

A. I believe its easier to write about subject matter you’re familiar with and often create deeply-flawed characters from the people I’ve met at various times and places in my life. Since I owned and operated an art gallery for seven years and shifted to writing suspense novels, the stretch didn’t seem extreme while developing Paul Lyons in Banished Threads. Years ago, I met a haughty, ill-tempered gallery owner, who solely depended on his wife’s inheritance to stay in business. This same individual staged a robbery and suffered the consequences for insurance fraud. I considered going in this direction with Paul Lyons but instead decided to soften him into someone readers could feel sympathetic toward. In lots of ways fiction mirrors reality, at least for me.

Q. The same Paul says about another book character, that like him, she “lost the ability to trust another human being.” There is a lot of mystery behind trusting other people. How do you think can people figure out whom they can trust?

A. People earn trust by honoring their promises and by the deeds and actions they take in dire or stressful situations. When anyone is “burned” – so to say, faith often goes out the window along with trust, and restoring it can be a huge undertaking. it’s never easy to figure out who you can most depend on. I suppose that’s why faith is often involved.

Q. Banished Threads is a mix of mystery and romance. Why do you think these genres are so popular and why are you drawn to them?

A. From my experience, readers enjoy a great mystery and even more so when they believe the main characters have some kind of romantic involvement or unmistakable chemistry. We all want the happily ever after ending, but suspense stories can leave us filled with doubt, holding our breath until the mystery is solved and the long-awaited embrace occurs. I love to be captivated by the books I read and want to think about them long after the final page is turned. This is the type of novel I strive to write while crafting my ever-expanding series.

Q. What kind of books do you like to read in your free time?

A. I’m a huge fan of thrillers and murder-mysteries by Lisa Jackson and Allison Brennan, but I also like rollicking adventures and an occasional lighthearted romance, especially if it involves a historical setting.

Q. Are there any plans to continue Threads series? If not, what is your next writing project?

A. I’m currently in the midst of writing the next installment in the Threads series – Twisted Threads, which brings a few memorable villains from Buried Threads and Banished Threads together on a luxury cruise ship. Let’s just say no one is safe in this story. 🙂

Q. Is there something else that you would like to share with your readers?

A. I like to remind everyone that I continue to donate all proceeds from the sale of my books to cancer research, which began with the release of my first book, Flaherty’s Crossing. It’s nice to know my stories are well received and even more rewarding to know they benefit a great cause. Thank you! – Kaylin

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