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Howard Yana-Shaprio offers readers the fascinating tale of how chocolate evolved though history. The influence of chocolate has touched the Aztecs, western royalty, and even WWII soldiers. The author is a plant scientist and chief agricultural officer for Mars Inc. This book is loaded with history, facts, photos, drawings and other various nuggets of interesting information all centered on chocolate or the cacao bean. Each chapter is a year in the fantastic timeline of the evolution of chocolate. One of the more interesting facts is how chocolate was once only for royalty, but then in 1680 chocolate became linked to witchcraft.

Chocolate has played an integral role in the world’s history, far more than this reviewer ever imagined. This book is an obvious choice for any chocolate lover, but frankly any reader interested in history will be intrigued by all the amazing facts that are loaded in this book. Not only is chocolate delicious, but it is actually quite influential too. The last third of the book is devoted to 20+ recipes and cooking tips. Recipes are varied, are easy to follow, and have photos to show the end product. Overall, this is a delicious book, sure to delight the most avid sweet tooth and history buff!

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