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There is a story that routinely circulates across the Internet about a Cherokee grandfather, his grandson, and two wolves. The characters of the grandfather and grandson are sometimes interchanged with a wise man and his disciple or other elder-neophyte combination, but the basics of the story are the same. The question raised is always about which wolf wins, the good or the bad? The answer: whichever one you feed.

If this story sounds familiar to you, then you know the background for Kelly Pellatt’s book Rise of the Good Wolf, Releasing our Self into our Truth. Pellatt divides the book into two parts. Part One, the first four chapters, introduce the reader to the characters of the True Self, the False Self, the Good Wolf and the Bad Wolf. The next four chapters, Part Two, form the acronym LOVE: Listening, Observing, Validating, Empowering. Pellatt’s style weaves personal stories with advice to encourage the reader to work toward embracing the Good Wolf and expressing the True Self. Each chapter section begins with a quote expressing the theme of the section. The writing flows smoothly from section to section and chapter to chapter. As the chapters progress, the reflections go from macro to micro and back again. Pellatt gently offers ways to look at the ways the outer world affects us as well as the way we affect the larger world. She suggests a notion that most people seem to know: we are all connected to each other and to the greater world. How we act and interact matters.

As a self-help book, Rise of the Good Wolf, Releasing our Self into our Truth is upbeat and pleasurable to read. The examples and stories in its pages are commonplace and easy to relate to. Pellatt’s resources are diverse and fit well into her narrative. If you are interested in strengthening your positive focus, this book would be a good start.

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