[alert variation=”alert-info”]Publisher: Elizabeth Singer Hunt
Formats: Paperback
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If your child wants to learn how to write and even decode secret messages, Secret Agent Training Manual is just the resource needed. The book covers ciphers, which is a method to disguise a message, and steganography, a way to hide messages. The book offers ten ways to hide messages, including learning how to make invisible ink and write codes. Each method includes, “Here’s How to Do It” and pages are illustrated with line drawings, extra tips, and examples. Pages also contain “classified” and “top secret” stamps which make the reader truly feel like they are part of a secret society. Braille and Morse code are covered and there are challenges included in the back of the book. An answer key is also included in the back of the book for those who need a bit of help. A website link offers even more content for your spy-to-be.

Hunt has written a fun guide for the wannabe spy. The book enables the young reader to use their imagination and creativity to create codes and disguises. The book offers specific instructions, fun practice activities, and then allows the young secret agent to create even more games. Secret Agent Training Manual will be the catalyst for hours and hours of spy games and fun secret messages between friends.

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