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Delores Fossen takes the reader on a delightful tale involving a good-looking cowboy, of course, and the beautiful girl left back home. Riley McCord is the good-looking hunk of a man from Springhill, Texas, who is also a Captain in the Air Force. He was recently injured during a special recovery assignment, and has returned to his home in Springhill to recover at his family’s ranch. His first love is his job and his whole being is determined to regain his physical strength so that he can return to the Air Force.

Riley is well liked by all the young ladies in this small town but he only has special thoughts about his childhood friend, Claire. In high school, Claire chose Riley’s best friend over him because she knew he would be more stable and stay in the local area, unlike Riley, who knew he was leaving right after graduation. She has since moved on with her life, never marrying, but she does have a young son. Riley and Claire begin to spend some time together – he begins to help Claire by babysitting for her, while she helps him through his PTSD. Through this shared time together, they realize that they still have feelings for each other, but he will have to report back to service soon.

Author Delores Fossen touches on many issues that returning military personnel suffer with upon returning to normal life. The descriptions of Riley’s experience with PTSD were believable and heartbreaking. Claire and Riley are both dealing with difficult things, and find solace in each other. This book is a fast read with colorful characters. Claire’s son Ethan brought out a different side to Riley, one that he thought to not exist. Riley’s friends and family were vibrant characters, ones that readers can easily see Delores Fossen using to continue the McCord Brother’s story.

Exciting passages making Texas On My Mind a good romance novel. Readers will find this book to be a fast, sexy, and enjoyable read, one that has some funny and unexpected outcomes.

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