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Tosca Tonnino works in Events and Publicity at a small indie bookshop in Friday Harbor, but aspires to live a life of excitement and luxury, meeting the universe with a Ginger Rogers-like insouciance. All is well until a new hire and serious pain-in-the-neck Ethan James begins to stir the pot at Carter & Co. Suddenly Tosca’s lifelong adage of asking “What would Ginger Rogers do?” may result in disaster where this mercurial playboy, his over-sized ego, and poor taste in Literature is concerned.

What Would Ginger Rogers Do? is a delightful, fun, and funny novel, written with clean, surprisingly thoughtful prose not often found in the typical romance novel. In Ginger Rogers fashion, this novel is elegant, classy (most of the time!), and captivatingly genuine, with just the right bits of naughty thrown in. It’s a refreshing brand of romance novel where the heroine and hero have real problems to confront and overcome. The conflicts in the story grow up very organically and never stray into the melodramatic, though it could easily have done so. Author Caitlin Raynes creates a saucy narrator in Tosca, who has the magical three elements to her—grit, wit, and “it,”—that will make readers hang on every page. This is the kind of book where you wonder what the characters are up to when you walk away. Definitely looking forward to reading more work by this author.

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