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Young Beatrix Potter loves animals of all kinds: insects, reptiles, and mammals. She loves to keep them as pets and she loves to paint them. She loves them so much, she keeps a mini menagerie in her room, which can often lead to misadventures: missing pets, pets that eat other pets, and pets who eat her paint supplies. In this particular story she borrows a rather majestic and important guinea pig from her neighbor, as she needs a guinea pig to sit for a portrait, but unfortunately the guinea pig liked her paints a little too much.

This book is based on Beatrix Potter’s journals entries from when she was a little girl. The illustrations are reminiscent of Beatrix Potter’s own work. There is an interesting author’s note at the very end of the book all about Ms. Potter and her love of animals. The book is a quick read, complete with a moral at the end, and would be an excellent story for any child in love with animals, or a child who has fallen in love with Beatrix Potter’s creations.

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