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From New York Times best selling author, Joshilyn Jackson, comes her latest novel, The Opposite of Everyone; a fascinating story told as a story within a story. The heroine, Paula Vauss, is a strong and tough-minded divorce lawyer who has distanced herself from her mother for the past 15 years. Upon receiving a very mysterious letter from her mother, Paula sets out on a precarious quest to find answers to the questions she has formed due to this letter. On this quest, Paula finds herself involved with a stranger who brings befuddling memories of her past back to the surface. These memories include the Hindu storytelling her mother used in order to explain important family matters to Paula as a child.

Through these mythical tales, Paula realizes that she may have misunderstood the true meaning of the story. She also realizes that this stranger is part of the story too! Paula will learn the importance of family connections as she continues on her quest for answers and the truth.

The author has created an interesting story with a strong, real-life character in Paula Vauss. Paula has lived her 30 some years as an only child. She had to spend two years in a girls group home, while her mother was in prison for obstructing evidence. It was here that she toughened up. “In this place, I’ve learned – or I’ve decided – that I’m not a runner.” The author also creates unique, and very distinct, personalities in the story to bounce off the heroine. She blends the mythical tales of the Hindu language well into the story. “A long time ago, this happened, and it’s happening now. Raktabija, the Red Deed Demon, arose from the Earth. He came to burn it and warm his red feet among the cinders.” The Opposite of Everyone is a modern tale with lots of twists and turns along the way to keep you in suspense!

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