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Brynn Kelly’s debut as a romance author is with this novel, Deception Island. This novel is sure to be a winner, as the reader will be hooked by the end of the first paragraph. It is action packed from the start!

The main character, Holly, is a spirited young lady with a shady past who is sailing through beautiful islands alone and loving every minute of it. She is being paid by a wealthy senator to pose as his daughter and post daily pictures of her sailing adventures. Well, Holly is taken hostage by a “pirate” – or so she thinks.

Rafe Angelito is the name of her “pirate” – who is really a former member of the French Legionnaires – and is ruggedly handsome to boot. His past has come to haunt him, though, with the recent kidnapping of his only child. To save his son, he is instructed to apprehend the senator’s daughter for ransom in exchange for his son. He does manage to capture her, but not before she takes out two of his men. He finds that quite surprising!

They find each other intriguing, and they are both intensely attracted to each other. Neither one turns out to be who they were pretending to be. Holly is no socialite, but an ex-con with a few very good survival skills. She decides that she needs to turn Rafe into an ally before more harm comes her way. Hot, humid nights turn this duo into lovers before they realize that both of them are in danger.

The author has created an adventurous romance story. There are numerous steamy passages that get the heart pounding faster as the reader reads. The characters are strong, interesting, and independent – which is good for another series. The novel did not need an epilogue. It would have left more to the imagination of the reader without it. However, Deception Island is great for the adventurous reader!

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