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Just looking at the cover of Earth & Ethos, the reader will feel immediate calm. When they read the introduction, they will enter into a feeling of serenity. If the reader only feels these two emotions, the book will have met its goal of using words and pictures (mainly words) to take the reader to a quiet place through nature and thoughts. Four main topics divide this unique book: desire, sensuality, profusion, and communion. Combining literature and land to send a powerful message to the intended reader makes this book different in a pleasing way.

Words are plentiful and the authors of the various prose, thoughts, and poems are varied. Color photographs are used a little more sparingly than the words, but are beautiful in their own right. Photos portray interesting patterns, colors, and scenes all made by nature. Likely, the reader will think he can peruse this book quickly, but almost immediately he will find himself tangled on a profound thought, a unique angle of a tree, and the magical colors in the sky. Many of the writers were unknown to this reviewer, but the words are assembled in such a way that stumbling through them feels intentional. This book will best be digested slowly, calmly, and with thoughts wide open.

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