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Minerals have a life of their own, which readers will discover in this surprisingly riveting and integrative account of how minerals came from the stars and found themselves in our bodies.

Every branch of science deals, in some capacity, with minerals, to the point where even life itself would be impossible without them. In this book, From the Big Bang to Your Cells: The Remarkable Story of Minerals: An Exciting Journey Through Space, Time, and the Dawn of Life, author and researcher Ryan Kane describes this process and offers unexpected insights into the lives of minerals and ways in which their existence is inextricably tied to our own.

From the soil to our bodies, minerals are essential to life, and that is what the author explores in this volume. Kane shows minerals in a new way and lauds the beauty of their presence, taking complex science and breaking it down into something that is easy to understand; and yet, he is unafraid to tackle complex scientific explanations. While explanations of terms like “mineral uptake” and anions are not usually riveting, this author does a fantastic job of making it feel less like reading a science text and more like exploring a world that is wonderful and strange. Indeed, this story of minerals is remarkable.

This book also addresses many misconceptions people have about minerals, as well as how synthetic minerals are not absorbed the same as ones found naturally in plants. Part science text, part nutrition guide, this is an eye opening read for anyone not familiar with the multifaceted roles minerals play in our lives.

While the science can get a little heavy in places, mostly this book explains things in an engaging and confident voice, the narrative filled with a beautiful, child-like wonder at the amazing-ness that is minerals and the world we live in, the processes that made us. From the micro to the macro, from the hearts of stars and carried through the universe, after looking at minerals this way, it’s impossible not to celebrate with the author at the complexity in all of us, even a simple apple, and marvel at how we are all made of stars, celebrating the beautiful complexity that is life.

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