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Reader, I married him. Is there a more evocative phrase in the English canon? To Charlotte Bronte fans, probably not. New York Times best-selling author Tracy Chevalier features twenty authors with their renditions of stories inspired by Jane Eyre in this collection of high quality fiction from an equally high caliber group of authors. Francine Prose, Audrey Niffenegger, and Emma Donaghue are just a few of the authors who combine forces to create an awesome and inspiring collection of stories as homage to Charlotte Bronte and her most popular novel.

In the tradition of Bronte’s unforgettable heroines, these stories feature strong women who face impossible circumstances and overcome them. The tales span the gamut. From the point of view of Grace Poole, to stories inspired by the tale itself, this anthology is short fiction at its finest. Eclectic, exciting, and thoroughly cool, Reader, I Married Him will have any Jane Eyre or Charlotte Bronte fan flipping. Yet, while these stories are targeted toward those who love Jane Eyre, it’s by no means limited to them. As Bronte’s books inspired a generation of women writers, this collection also acts as inspiration today. For fans of any of these writers, as well as any of the Bronte sisters, this is a collection not to be missed.

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