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Formats: Hardcover, eBook, Kindle
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From the point of view of a fish in a fishbowl that loses another fish friend, The Goodbye Book is there to help children work through the emotions they may feel when someone they know and care about passes away. The fish that is left behind goes through many different emotions: sadness, anger, irritability, etc. By watching the fish go through these things, kids can hopefully understand that anything that they may feel is normal and okay. The book ends with the fish learning to remember the happy times he shared with his fish friend, and that there will always be someone there to hold him and love him.

The illustrations are simple, stick figure-esk, with bright primary colors. Everything about this book is easily accessible and gentle. This would be a good addition to any child’s library, regardless of whether they have experienced a loss or not. If anything it would be good to have around as a just in case policy, as it would be a good tool for any parent to have in their arsenal when they are faced with the challenge of helping a child move through the experience of losing a pet or a loved one.

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