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Laura Foster invites the reader to explore Beverly Cleary’s Portland neighborhood and beyond in her new book, Walking with Ramona. The book captures an hour-long walking route though Northeast Portland, but begins with a little history of Beverly Bunn (Cleary) and her notable characters. Cleary’s milestones are outlined and Foster provides enough information for the reader to want to explore Cleary’s old stomping grounds. History of Portland’s urban planning is shared and then a detailed walking tour is described. Photos accompany the walking tour and even suggested photo stops are included. Fosters also indicates specific locations that Cleary’s characters visited or were named after. Sites where Cleary herself grew up in Northeast Portland, as well as locations outside Portland are covered.

Fosters clearly has done her research and her fascination with the subject shines through. Foster’s book is definitely for the Cleary enthusiast but actually goes beyond the original intent by providing so much information, tips and suggestions for places in Portland and beyond. The book reads like a tour guide supplying information on places to eat and visit, even explaining transit information. This is an easy-to-read book with lots of fun information. It would be effortless to create a field trip for kids and adults and make a true adventure!

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