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The question regarding the existence of God is a difficult one to ask, and more difficult to answer. A part of us seems to feel a driving desire to believe, yet after so many fictitious characters we grow up knowing about are revealed to be fake, it is hard to differentiate between what is real and what is made up. Joshua Steven Grisetti walked through life jumping both sides of the believing line. Eventually he faced the demons in his life during his own personal hell at a trip to the dentist.

While an amusing story on the surface, the deep fear is real, and can be felt through the pages of the book God In My Head. During a self-medicated trip to the dentist combined with the laughing gas, what should have sent Grisetti to the emergency room, sent him to face God. While many doubt these encounters and write them off to be a result the side effect of a bad drug, realizing the possibility that your conscious mind lets go and allows your soul to speak through you, isn’t as far off of an idea as some might think. Grisetti points out that not every person who claims to have talked to God carries the message through that God intended. We are limited by our human minds, bodies, and emotions, yet created in his image and are perfect as we are.

Grisetti collects his thoughts in an intriguing conversation, which supports and disproves many ideas worthy of reading and connecting with God on each person’s own beliefs and personal level. A wonderful point made in the book is that the foundation of all religions stems from God connecting us all. It is where religion strays from loving each other as we do ourselves that it becomes an issue. God In My Head is a book believers and non-believers can truly explore what parts of the book resonate within themselves. As with any book, the experiences of the individual were for that person, and will differ from what rings true in our own heart. That said, God In My Head is worth reading to connect your own head and heart.

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