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There are a number of books that have been written for do-it-yourselfers who want to utilize the Internet to publicize their projects. Penny Sansevieri’s book offers many detailed options for using platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to stir up interest in book projects.

This book is reasonably easy to follow, but like most books of its kind it doesn’t really offer judgments on which of the many existing platforms will be most efficient for the user. Given that the prospective author is presumably spending quite a bit of time on writing and developing books, it would have been helpful for the author to specify the value of each of these platforms. This would have led the prospective user to gain a better sense of what is essential, what is helpful, and what is of dubious use. In my judgment, it is simply not practical for anyone actively engaged in creative projects to devote a huge segment of their waking hours to publicizing oneself, as opposed to working out a reasonable split between creative and business endeavors.

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