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Rush Oh! is a quirky little book centered on nineteen-year-old Mary Davidson and her family in 1908. Her father is a whaler in Eden, New South Wales. To say life is not easy is an understatement. Mary’s mother is dead, the family is often behind on the bills, and there is barely enough food to feed the family and the whaling crew. Mary’s father and his team of two boats risk their lives if a whale happens to come close to their town. Wicked Tom, a seemingly ornery whale, “plays” with the men and their lives every time they encounter each other. Mary feeds the crew and becomes enamored with John Beck. John is a former minister, but his background seems suspicious.

Rush Oh! is cleverly written, similar to a journal, which makes the story interesting. There is a lot of dialogue, as well as Mary re-reading her entries and then commenting on what she previously wrote. Chapters are short and straight forward, and the story progresses at a fairly slow rate. If a reader has a particular interest in whaling, this book might catch their attention, but many may not be completely won over.

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