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Mike Folmer’s Devotional Series of the Gospels is a superb accompaniment to a reader’s daily Bible reading. It is one of the few devotionals to come along that deals simply with the Life of Jesus Chris, written in chronological order of the events. Each reading includes a title and from that title Folmer has included the reference where the reader can find the title talked about in one of the chapters and verses in the Bible. They may be found in the New Testament chapters of Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John. Sometimes there may be multiple verses to look for, while other times there is only one source. Each reading also includes a “Ponder Point,” where the author tries to help the reader to figure out how the verse might be relevant to their life in today’s world.

This is the first devotional in a project of four, where the reader can enjoy the story and words of Jesus Christ. The reader will enjoy relearning and reading these verses as the chronological order makes for easy reading. It is a very simple but complete paperback book that is easy to read and comprehend. This devotional will appeal to religious souls and soul seekers alike.

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