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All Summer Long shares the story of Olivia, an interior designer to the rich, and her husband, Nick, a newly-retired professor. With Nick’s retirement, the couple decides to relocate from Manhattan to Charleston for a slower-paced life. Olivia is uncertain how her interior business will fare outside of New York City. Her number one client is Maritza and her billionaire husband, Bob. Bob does not value marriage much and often has affairs which leave Maritza uncertain in her role and future. The billionaires take Olivia and Nick on wonderful trips to the British Virgin Islands and Mallorca, but Maritza’s unhappiness leads to desperate measures.

Frank’s All Summer Long is formulaic, but filled with interesting and hateful characters. The prevalent issue of love being unable to buy happiness is obvious, but Frank weaves lessons of strong marriages, business at the brink, and the power of family into this slow, but entertaining book. Her writing is descriptive but sometimes gets caught up in painful details and then at times the story skips forward too fast. This reviewer would have loved to see Roni’s (Olivia’s assistant) love interest develop and become more of the storyline. Nonetheless, All Summer Long will be an easy way to pass the time at the pool or beach.

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