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“When you sell people a dream, he thought, they don’t want to know how the dream works.”

Sometimes lifting the veil back from the lesser known and unseen parts of our world offers an escape in to other realities. This is true for Dead Letters as each writer has created their own unique tale. Characters are presented with items that they can pass along or investigate the story behind it. Thankfully, the characters choose the latter option.

Murderous spouses, lost lovers, and even a magician make up a small portion of the cadre of characters that enliven the pages of this collection. One of this reviewer’s favorite quotes (not from this book) is that “perception is tempered by experience.” However, for some characters in these stories they cannot trust their experiences so their perception of events is somewhat questionable.

Perception and the willingness to find the deeper connections of item to person are two consistent themes throughout this collection. Each author was presented with an item as the impetus for their particular story and at the end of their respective tale each author explains how the item aided them or challenged them in the creation of their story. This reviewer feels that behind-the-scenes inclusion adds to the theme of connection between item and person.

“I thought about the dead letters of the dead, the thousands of miniature worlds and paper castles, guarded secrets and confided dreams and ancient enmities.”

Take an adventure through the side-avenues of the mind with this collection of gifted authors in Dead Letters.

“There are parts of us that can never be eradicated. Not by ourselves, not by the world either.”

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