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Eco Living Japan will enthrall the architecture and sustainability enthusiast. Prepare to be inspired. Even when some of the ideas seem a bit too stark to actually live in, the reader cannot deny the sensibility of the clean designs. Five chapters include design with nature, reinventing tradition, innovate with sustainable practices, and how to move away from the throwaway culture. The final chapter displays Japanese design in countries other than Japan. Full-color photos, drawings, and plans reinforce the design concepts in the book and the examples seem boundless. Each project shares the architect, location, and completion date, as well as the story behind the home. Elevation views and plans give the reader a 3D interpretation of the home, and the multiple photos at all angles build the story.

“Given its history of architectural and product design using natural reusable materials, its powerful aesthetics and cutting-edge technology, the world looks to Japan for inspiration and leadership in the field of sustainable design.”

Eco Living Japan is a beautiful book filled with ideas and reachable goals to build and renovate with a simple, sustainable focus. This is a book to read over and over again and will certainly be a catalyst for many sustainable projects to come. Prepare to be inspired and awed by the simply beautiful, sustainable designs inspired by Japanese aesthetics.

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