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Insanity, by Bob Tillman, is a quick dip into the mind of any creative looking to dive into the elusive world of show biz. Tillman’s introduction lays out an honest representation of what is to follow in his book: three characters who set out on a series of unlikely events “managing situations.” Jackie Faraday and Tonya Manning do whatever, whenever, to assist their clientele, whether that means catering to celebrities, studio big-wigs, or fending off nerds with paintball guns. Jordan St. Clair, though unimpressive in stature, has a brick wall personality and brings a no-nonsense approach to security. She also brings tranquilizer darts. The unlikely trio, in their security-issue mini-van, somehow make it all work.

Tillman’s Insanity has a lot to offer for a book that comes across as pretty nonsensical. The intention of the book was to be an outline for a television show and the book reflects that feeling. Much of the way the book is written makes it easy to visualize a group tossing around lines in an improvisational manner. However, this in no way detracts from the feeling or enjoyment of reading the story. Part of what is amusing about Insanity is that the scenarios the trio encounters are so ridiculous – exotic animals, shooting swarms of nerds with paintball guns, exploding vehicles – that it pushes all the right buttons for the outside observer to agree that the world of entertainment can be crazy. The idea of a small team of people having adventures making it work putting out fires, figuratively and literally, allows for endless possibility, and Tillman adds just enough plotline to hang a story together and keep the reader engaged.

A big part of what really makes the entire book work is the fact that the characters are all over the top in reasonable and ridiculous ways. Throughout the story, Tillman brings out each character and we get to know how, in addition to the strange jobs these women execute, they’ve all had unusual experiences that got them together in the first place. Somehow, through it all, they find a way to form a pretty good friendship too. Insanity is a quick read and a hearty dose of unexpected entertainment.

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