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Maggie Rayburn works at a munitions plant where, although not exciting, she knows what to expect at work. Her marriage is similar-comfortable and predictable. Maggie notices a file with research about the munitions plant and the suspicious correlation to local health issues. Maggie breaks free of the mundane by taking the file. She leaves her job and begins to work in a prison where she befriends a prisoner that insists his innocence so Maggie takes his file too. A concurrent story takes place in Iraq where soldiers are faced with death when Penn Sinclair makes a decision before receiving specific orders. Characters in both stories are interconnected and the reader gets exposed to how the multiple stories weave together.

Charlotte Rogan is a talented writer that succinctly tells the story through her characters. She has picked topics that are aligned to current events so that the reader can easily immerse themselves in the story. Readers will believe that the challenges and questions that face Rogan’s characters could (and probably are) the same challenges they face: security versus making a difference, standing out versus playing it safe. At times the story gets mired in details that make it too slow for this reviewer, but overall this is a story with real-life challenges and an easy-to-read style that makes it a satisfying read.

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