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Remember that show Fear Factor, where the host, Joe Rogan, would talk folks into facing their fears and doing unthinkable and scary things to win a bunch of money? The eventual winner would get to hear Rogan’s signature phrase of “Evidently, fear is not a factor for you” at the end of the show. In the book, Spiritual Fear Factor: Living Marked by the Fear of God to Transform a World Centered on the Fear of Man, author Tim Abraham uses that show to symbolize our lives; filled with fear, understanding why we fear, and overcoming that fear to the ultimate prize: freedom from fear, where “fear is not a factor for you.”

Spiritual Fear Factor is a breezier read than the title indicates. Abraham speaks to the readers through the words on the page as if from a pulpit, or more precisely, from a small group setting. His tone is conversational and relaxed, offering wisdom through uncomplicated metaphors, relatable humor, and simply through God’s Word. He uses plenty of the Scriptures to back up his points making it Biblically sound. Smartly added are repetitive key definitions and points for greater learning success. For example:

Four steps to fearing God
1. Seeing who we are.
2. Seeing who God is.
3. Believing what God has done, is doing, and will do.
4. Responding in obedience to God.

This book is broken into three parts; Learning in the Classroom, Learning in the Lab of Life, and finally, Learning for Eternity. Each part is unique to its heading. The first being a classroom “setting,” as if readers were taking a college course. Shifting gears, the second part addresses the application of how and why we should fear God and not man or the world’s condition. Lastly, the final part sets our eyes on the prize – all eternity.

There are some deep concepts in this book but Abraham is a natural communicator and storyteller relating complex principles into palpable life scenarios blending current issues with an earlier time and language. Spiritual Fear Factor delightfully challenges you look at the Bible with reckless honesty not just as an ancient text but as a relevant reference guide to understanding the world we live in today and our relationship with God.

This book is obviously written for new believers or those struggling with making the decision to become a Christian but all could benefit from the wisdom expounded in these pages. So, it begs the question, is fear a factor for you?

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