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“Epic” is one of the most misused words in our language, having come to mean, essentially, anything a speaker thinks is cool. So great is the common misuse of the word that one might be left to wonder, “But what about things that are truly epic? Like Stairway to Heaven or The Iliad?” Such questions are not misguided, and fear not, lovers of fantasy: the epic is still alive and well. At least in the world of Adam Collins, author of the three novels making up The Bloodthorn Series: Obsidian.

The three novels tell a brutal, action-packed, magic-filled story of war, violence, royalty, allegiance, and sorcery. The characters are not particularly new or original, nor is the story, but both are full of the sort of rollicking adventures that are hallmarks of this particular genre: kidnapped princesses of the utmost purity, revenge missions, horrifying demons, and gore, gore, gore! There is so much story, with such a complex plotline, that it defies description.

Like most self-published works, The Bloodthorn Series occasionally falls victim to author self-indulgence and to the all-too-common need for careful proofing and editing. While the stories in the trilogy belong to a genre with a very specific fan base, they contain enough adventure and intrigue to branch out from their genre – or, rather, they would be able to reach more had more time and attention been paid to refining the text. As is, the Bloodthorn novels read exactly like self-published works, and this limits their appeal to a wider audience. However, for existing fans of Game of Thrones and of fantastic adventures set in a world close enough to our own to be relatable, but mystical enough to not actually exist, these books will certainly hold a strong appeal.

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