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Lauren Weisberger’s The Singles Game is the perfect simple, entertaining read for this summer’s beach trip. The author of The Devil Wears Prada introduces the reader to Charlotte “Charlie” Silver, an up and coming tennis player. As Charlie continues to miss winning the top tournaments, she is convinced to fire her longtime coach and hire a devil-like coach named Todd. His expectations are unreasonable but Charlie begins to win her tournaments, as well as, be treated like a celebrity. She manages to snatch Marco, the men’s tennis top seed, also. But will winning at tennis make her feel like a winner in the rest of her life?

Weisberger’s succinct writing and interesting topic will immerse the reader into their twenties again, when hookups were easy and the liquor poured freely. Weisberger adds enough twists and turns to the story to keep the reader engaged and connected to the characters. Although the story played out just as this reviewer suspected, the entertaining storyline was fun to read and learning the interworking of competitive tennis was fascinating. As light as the story truly was, it does ask the reader to ponder some deep thoughts around true happiness, hard work, and the true definition of winning.

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