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Wick’s short novella is the story of Zenny, an aging drummer, who becomes entangled in the contemporary world of rock and roll. The book centers around a charismatic lead singer named Stella, who inspires love on the part of all of her male band mates. The author has a talent for capturing the instability of the rock club scene and its many idiosyncrasies. Eventually, Zenny is compelled to play with the band when the drummer mysteriously disappears. The attempt to find him takes us through a colorful world of drugs and alcohol and 24/7 parties.

There are times when the story line runs a bit thin, but music loving readers will be able to follow the flow and enjoy this tale of the band, its attempts to relate to the music industry, and a possible ticket to stardom.

Every band has its own story, of course. There were times when I wanted to see a bit more information about why everyone in the book was so enchanted with Stella. Is the appeal simply a result of her “knockout” looks? Was it her ability to dominate a room by force of personality? The author is a bit remiss in not giving some examples of exactly what magical hold she has on Zenny and the boys.

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