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“Studying this manual may be the only training you will receive in professional security, and hopefully you study it thoroughly.”

Are you curious about security jobs? Do you want to know what awaits a person entering this field? In The Professional Security Manual Class 1, Urban Security, author Charles White candidly offers you highly important facts about security guards’ daily and nightly routine. He states that he has obtained this information while studying Law and working on various security jobs. The author delivers this information with an extraordinary sense of humor. In the first chapter of this comical guidebook, you’ll find all needed details about a security guard’s professional appearance and their most important gear. You’ll laugh figuring out when a security guard can smile on the job site, and when obscene language is permitted. You’ll laugh more reading why it is essential to always wear an athletic cup, keep a small mirror in the front left pocket of your shirt, and a safety pin in another pocket.

The Professional Security Manual Class 1, Urban Security by Charles White isn’t a real manual, but it’s short, precise, and very “practical.” It consists of ten sections including self-test and the most needed things for saving one guards’ life and preventing or neutralizing dangerous, sometimes even deadly, incidents. The author’s concrete instructions on ways of surveillance, usage of tools unexpected by the adversary, “under the hand” things to use as an advantage and for self-defense are surprisingly witty. The reader also may find the quite unusual illustrations, suggested exercises, and examples of the author’s own experience surprisingly useful. Thus, if you ever thought of becoming a security guard, The Professional Security Manual Class 1, Urban Security is a must-have for you. Since anyone will find many helpful surviving suggestions here, the book is highly recommended to everyone. Do not skip the manual’s editor footnotes; they are hilarious, as well.

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