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After suffering from a debilitating stroke at age 42, completely paralyzing one side of her body, it seemed as if Valerie Giglio’s professional singing career came to a complete stop. Damage from the stroke caused extreme injury to her vocal cords, making it difficult and nearly impossible to render anything resembling singing. However, against the odds and with the support of her family, Valerie Giglio overcame all obstacles in her way, to triumphantly sing professionally again. In this touching memoir, detailing her life and recovery from the stroke in 2014 to today, Valerie L. Giglio writes pure strength and perseverance in Singing In My Own Key: A Vocalist’s Triumph Over Stroke.

Writing with a voice both candid and touching, Valerie Giglio creates a memoir well worth reading and full of inspiration. While some chronological details may seem muddled to the reader and in illogical format, a coherent depiction of the author’s experience forms a very interesting read, both for musicians and others alike. Giglio paces the work at a moderate, comfortable speed, at which readers can either choose to read continuously or with logical breaks. Moreover, Giglio’s personal voice, exuberant with determination or overwrought with despair, confidently shines through at the appropriate times. Such a strong voice allows the readers to fully embrace the story as if in an intimate conversation with the author. Raw, dedicated emotion towards her work and music prevails throughout, creating an incredibly moving and motivational work for all to read. Even for those unfamiliar with Giglio’s style of singing, such a triumph over an unforeseen obstacle speaks to anyone and everyone. Singing In My Own Key truly is a remarkable work of standing inspiration for all, detailing the mental strength and dedication to overcome all frustrations.

Readers of all genres should definitely add Singing In My Own Key to their list.

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