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Jennifer Close submerges the reader into politics in this Washington D.C.-based novel, The Hopefuls. Beth and Matt relocated to Washington D.C. so that Matt can realize his dream of working in politics. The book is set during the Obama administration from campaigning to holding the office. Beth is less than enthusiastic about the move. D.C. feels very foreign compared to New York City because D.C. offers nothing but politics, something Beth has little interest in. Beth’s transition is made more difficult by her lack of a meaningful job. She befriends Ashley and Jimmy, friends of Matt’s and things immediately get more interesting. Schmoozing and networking coupled with constantly trying to one-up your competitor makes the story move at an interesting pace.

It is evident that Close has an inside look at Washington D.C. with its networking and competitive-heavy environment. She adeptly created believable characters with all the typical angst of building a career in a highly bloodthirsty, back biting setting. Close writes with humor and it is easy to connect to her characters. Any reader that has dreamed of living in Washington D.C. or has wondered what it is like behind the political scenes will easily be sucked into this enthralling novel.

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