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Rowan Coleman has written a book that will stay with the reader long after she is done reading it. We Are All Made of Stars gives the reader a glimpse of the struggles of Stella, Hope, and Hugh. Stella, a motherly hospice nurse just wants to fix everyone around her, yet she cannot fix her husband, Vincent, and his war-torn scars. Stella writes letters for her patients before they die and promises to mail the letters upon their death. Stella follows the “rules” until one letter must be sent before death arrives. Hope is on her deathbed entirely too early in her life and seems to be blind to the love right in front of her every day. Hugh passes through life missing his parents and seemingly is a cold, uncaring person with everyone he meets. He distances himself from anyone and everyone; even his cat can’t stand him.

We Are All Made of Stars softens the blow of the uncomfortable topic of death. Coleman’s characters must learn bravery, in a time when tears are the typical solution. Coleman writes with humor and honesty, and has assembled a cast of characters that readers will love, empathize with and ultimately hope alongside them. The reader and the characters learn that to be understood is possibly the greatest gift of life, after all. This is a heartwarming novel that will slowly trickle into the reader’s heart and make the reader realize that death, albeit sad and unfair, can be the culmination of a life fully realized before it is too late.

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