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In Beauty & the Beast: Fire at Sea, soldier-turned-science-experiment-now doctor Vincent and NYC police detective Catherine are happily married and looking forward to a romantic belated honeymoon. After a decade of hiding, Vincent has finally resumed normal life and that has included marrying his soul mate. This cruise is supposed to take them away from the troubles and turmoil of their work and family. But a crime scene on the cruise ship interrupts their quiet getaway and threatens the safety of the entire ship. With their usual aplomb, it falls to Catherine and Vincent to save the day.

Prolific writer Nancy Holder continues the saga of Vincent and Catherine with her usual talent for fast-paced, engaging storytelling. In this third book of Catherine and Vincent, the plot thickens, mysteries continue, and the romance between the beauty and the beast becomes deeper and hotter than ever. This is the type of straightforward story one expects from an adaptation from television or film. Beauty & the Beast: Fire at Sea is a book best enjoyed by readers who already know and love the television series, and/or the previous two books. While it can be jumped into cold, it might fail to snag readers who aren’t already familiar with the story.

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