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Readers will probably recognize elements of their workplace in Break in Case of Emergency. Jessica Winter writes with humor and sarcasm as she highlights Jen’s work and personal life. Jen is laid off and spends time with her “real artist” friend, Pam, until she finds a new job. During the layoff she puts off trying to get pregnant but once she is employed, she and her husband try to conceive naturally and then through In Vitro or the “hen house.” Her appointments cause her to be late to work so much that her odd boss, Katrina, brings it up in a roundabout fashion.

Jessica Winter writes about a highly dysfunctional workplace too focused on acronyms, the eccentric founder, and a “flavor of the month” emphasis. Winter adeptly captures this toxic environment in her no-nonsense, yet detailed writing style. Winter grapples with current issues of couples trying to conceive, when young turns into middle-aged, and navigating a workplace while figuring out one’s life at the same time. This reviewer appreciated the tongue in cheek writing but never really connected with the characters. If a reader finds herself in similar circumstances as Jen, Break in Case of Emergency will probably be a much needed diversion from real life.

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