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As children, most of us enjoyed coloring. It was a break from schoolwork, a way to de-stress, and a way to give physical presence to understanding our feelings. As we grew up, many of us grew out of coloring. However, this was often due to less time and the various pressures of life rather than a complete lack of interest. Sometimes it was because we felt badly about our talents when compared to our more artistically inclined friends. It didn’t help that for a long time coloring books remained firmly the domain of childhood due to their childlike simplicity and subject matter. In the early 2010s this began to change, and a slew of adult oriented coloring books can now be purchased in bookstores across the country. Edgar Allan Poe: An Adult Coloring Book is one such book, but designed for those with a darker sense of humor, a love of classic horror literature, or with a soft spot for Halloween.

The book has 96 black and white pages for readers to fill in. The layout is that each pair of pages illustrates a scene from one of Poe’s stories, with one full page dedicated to the image and the facing page containing the quote in question. Some illustrations are very on point and match the quote or the theme of the particular story perfectly, while others require either a bit of lateral thinking or an intimate knowledge of the story in question. The illustrations are very busy and are bound to take some time to color. This is a perfect book for anyone who is interested in investing some time in a darker themed coloring book.

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